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Member Code of Ethics


Members of the PQRKC are ambassadors for purebred Vietnamese Phu Quoc ridgeback dogs. Members shall do all within their power to uphold, promote and protect the interests of the breed by conducting themselves in a manner reflecting credit on the Club, its members, their dogs and the dog world in general.

  1. Members shall exhibit good sportsmanship and treat each other with respect and courtesy in all manner of interaction.

  2. Members should strive to be open and welcoming to newcomers with an interest in our breed.

  3. A member does not engage in false or misleading statements regarding a judge, official, exhibitor, fellow member, or another’s dog. Nor should any member misrepresent their own dogs through claims or advertising. Use of any electronic or print media or communication platform to intimidate or harass is considered prejudicial to good sportsmanship.

  4. It is the intent of open registry and exchange of information to encourage breeders to make knowledgeable breeding decisions; therefore, PQRKC members shall not use information from open registries and/or full disclosure of health screening results maliciously.

  5. Documented misconduct or violation of this Code of Ethics should objectively and calmly be presented to the proper representative of the PQRKC when appropriate.  Education and communication are the preferred methods of obtaining compliance to this Code of Ethics; however, flagrant, serious and/or repeated disregard of this code may result in formal charges brought before the PQRKC Board of Directors by PQRKC members or nonmembers. Contract violations as well as slanderous or libelous allegations between members shall be adjudicated in the courts prior to presentation to the proper representatives of the PQRKC.

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